G-Lock Gimbal Stabilisation

CARVEC Systems announce the release of the next generation gimbal stabilisation - the G-Lock Gimbal Lock system.

The G-Lock is based on the proven CARVEC Technology as licensed by Freefly for the market-leading Radian system and has been further developed into a full 3-axis stabilisation module with a host of new capabilities.

Available as a software upgrade for existing Radian modules, the G-Lock adds smoother slewing control, remote gain adjustment,  a 'proportional' control mode for single operators, improved receiver support and a new PC application with a graphical tuning display - as well as a new brushless motor driver module which will be available in late summer 2013.

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  • Upgrade for Freefly Radian
  • 3-axis stabilisation from one module
  • Super-smooth slewing control
  • New absolute slewing mode (allows a dial or shoulder lever to be used)
  • Load/Save configurations to a file for fast reconfiguration
  • New graphical tuning display system
  • Upgrade for direct-drive brushless gimbals available soon